My Financial Independence Overview

FIRE Summary for 2019


These totals reflect the account balance on each of the platforms I use. They include any payments that have been made to the accounts during the year. I generally do an “end of year summary post” (like this one) to summarise how much I have earned in interest from these platforms. Please note that I earn a bonus if you sign up for these platforms via the referral links below. 

PEER-2-PEER Lending PlatformsTotal Account Value
Mintos (This is an affiliate link)€5,647
Grupeer *Possible Scam as of April 2020€2,980
Envestio*this platform turned out to be a scam in January 2020, read more here
Flender (This is an affiliate link)€657
Peer-to-Peer Investments
Stocks & Shares

Stocks & Shares (Degiro)

I did not give much focus to purchasing stocks in 2019. I favoured peer-to-peer investments over these. At the end of the year I find that I am still learning about the world of ETFs and if anything there is too much information out there. 2019 seemed to be steady growth with a little hiccup right at the end of the year. 


My credit union balance looked healthy in 2019 as I was saving as hard as I could for a deposit on a property. I need to be careful how I view all of this money though as technically, this also includes my “emergency fund. Dave Ramsey will be disappointed if I sink all of that into buying a house. 

Rental Income


In 2019, I rented two double rooms in my house at €500 each which is all tax free earnings as it falls under the €14,000 limit for the rent-a-room scheme. There was only a tiny void for 2019.


in 2019, my combined salary from my two part-time jobs  stood at a rather average figure by Irish standards. I am not complaining as I have learned to live on less and I am very fortunate indeed to be where I am today. Many people have a lot less.