After a very slow start with Swaper I talked to some other investors online through and one recommended Viventor. After taking a look at their website, I made the decision to sign up and transfer a very small amount of €500 to the platform. Partly because I wanted to see how it compares to Swaper in terms of loan availability and rates. Swaper hasn’t been great for me so far. Viventor User Interface I was thinking of simply transferring more cash into Mintos . This platform seems to be performing ok (since I set it up two weeks ago). However, I thought it would be worthwhile investing in another platform for two reasons:
  1. It will give me a greater understanding of the market, the platforms and the performance of the markets.
  2. It allows me to diversify more. I read an article from another investor who got into the P2P scene two years ago and he expressed regret at how heavily he invested in his first company.

My Viventor Experience So Far


  • Registration was extremely easy and fast. It was the usual information required including personal details, PPS number (National Identification Number) along with scans of passport and proof of address.
  • I found that the user interface is pretty well laid out and clear with automatically generated pie charts. This gives me a quick visual overview.
  • They have a primary and secondary market just like Mintos. For now, I am only interested in the primary market as I don’t fully understand the functions of the secondary market right now. This is on my list of reading and research tasks as I go forward


  • There is no mobile app (Swaper has one)
  • Be careful to press the FILTER button when searching for loans. Unlike Mintos, who use AJAX to update the search results when you adjust the settings, you have to remember to click FILTER when looking at the loans. I made this simple and silly mistake and accidentally invested in a loan that does not have a buy back guarantee and has a 36 month term! All because I assumed the results would automatically refresh as I adjusted the search criteria.

Investments I Made

My Viventor Investments
My Viventor Investments
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Give it a try...

Get started on your own path to financial independence by investing in this Peer-to-Peer platform – yes this is an affiliate link and I get a bonus if you sign up through here. If you would rather not do that just search google for “Mintos” and go there directly.