Envestio Possible Fraud

Warning! Envestio platform has disappeared as of January 2020. So has access to invested funds. Read this post for more

Environmentally friendly investing has been on my mind all week. I have been learning more about the critical environmental issues the human race is facing. We can invest and make all the money in the world but if we kill ourselves and our planet in the process it will all be for nothing. I was thinking about ways I be greener by aiming to do more environmentally friendly.

When Personal Values Oppose Financial Decisions

I get frustrated and despaired by the impact that businesses have on our environment but as an investor I through fuel on this fossil-fire. Businesses and the markets they operate in only exist because we have all convinced ourselves that we need “stuff”. We don’t need stuff.  I have posted about this from the perspective of personal values and minimalism. Less stuff means less spending, less debt, less crap in our world and less destructible

Support the Environment with Your Financial Decisions

This week I looked at Envestio. A lending platform where you can invest in large scale projects. They had a couple of options that would align with my environmental values. The one I selected was recently added to their platform – a Polish company involved in construction of a farm of wind turbines in Poland, Krakow region. 

Envestio’s project has loan period is 9 months with a return of 20.55% per annum. An attractive rate that helps me feel like I am making a contribution towards the move to sustainable energy sources. I will continue to look for projects like this one to invest in.

Environmentally Friendly Investing with Envestio Peer2Peer Lending

Finding more Environmentally Friendly Investing Options

I reached out to another company operating in Ireland and the UK who are involved in sustainable energy projects. NTR have backed several renewal energy projects across these two countries. I asked them if they offered or knew of any other crowd funded renewable energy projects that “the little man” could get involved in. They recommended looking at Citzen Energy

Over the next few months I will try to divert more of my investing funds into environmentally friendly projects like these.

Support the Environment with Your Financial Decisions

I’m guilty of this and if you’re reading this post you are too (probably). Every purchase you make counts. I sometimes buy the cheap stuff in grocery supermarkets to save a few extra euro but at what cost to the environment? Palm oil recently made the news with the ban on Iceland’s christmas advert. Since then I notice that it is in LOADS of the products I buy at LIDL.

This highlights a design flaw, the right choice should be the easier one to make.

You Can Do this Right Now to Help Plant Trees (Switch to Ecosia)

This week I also made the switch to Ecosia Seach Engine as a green choice. I was made aware of the platform by one of my students doing a plastics project.

Ecosia Search Engine
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Give it a try...

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